Japanese Company Unveils 1.1 Pound-Portable Clothes Dryer

Japanese Company Unveils 1.1 Pound-Portable Clothes Dryer

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Travelers, unite! Frequent wanderers might just love this.

A Tokyo-based gadget maker Thanko has just introduced its latest design and it's kawaii. Here is a basic, small portable clothes dryer. And if you want to go by its fancy name, Parasol Dry Hanger also works.

The team from SoraNews24 has just tried it to see if it really dries pieces. Well, the results were satisfactory at least for little pieces of clothing.

It looks like a tiny house robot ready to clean around. However, it cannot move and works by a simple cable plugged into a socket. It weighs about 1.1 pounds (500 grams), Soranews24 added. It comprises of a ring of drying hooks, a pole to connect the ring to the base, and a main unit. So it won't cause you much trouble if you'd decide to carry it around.


Even setting it up won't take much of your time. You just insert one edge of the pole into the base and put the ring on the other edge. There you go, it's ready to dry up some fabrics!

The team tested a hand towel, two pairs of socks, and a cloth mask. Important detail: face mask had a couple of layers.

They washed all the pieces in the sink and shook them off for once before getting down to work. It seems like this Japanese company is into small things!

After placing all three pieces on the ring, they put up the cover and closed it off with the drawstring. It was supposed to be left a bit loose for the hot air to rise up and dry the pieces properly. Then, it was on.

While it was working and reached its maximum height, it still measured 11.8 inches (30 centimeters) which is as long as an average ruler.

The results were satisfying in the long term. The hand towel was dry overall. However, it would be wrong to say the same thing for the socks and the mask.

They gave them a second try. At the end of two hours, the socks were dry too. However, the mask needed the third round.

It is not just for the travel-lovers though. For those who are living in tiny flats in big cities with jammed buildings without balconies, it might be the gadget for you. Just one handicap: it may be a bit hard to fit in big pieces of clothing.

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