Spin the DIY RadioGlobe to Find Thousands of Radio Stations

Spin the DIY RadioGlobe to Find Thousands of Radio Stations

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Who still listens to good-old radio these days? It has slowly become a thing of the past, and admittedly, has taken the shape of podcasts today. However, some parts of it are still going strong for those who love to have the lively voice of a human being in their ear.

Inventor Jude Pullen has created the RadioGlobe, which is the perfect gadget for those who want to venture through the world's best radio stations in seconds. It has a quirky side though -- you can do that and more just by spinning the globe.


In order to celebrate DesignSpark's 10th birthday, Pullen designed the project by taking an already existing tool, which is listening to radio stations. However, as a true inventor, he took the object up a notch by adding a physical aspect which is completely DIY and open source.

Stating that he wanted to enable an "open-ended exploration and love of discovery", he built the project by using basic tools like drills, soldering irons, files, drill bits, and more.

He has provided instructions on how he made it on Instructables; however, before you roll your cuffs up, you should know that the project requires a moderate/expert level of expertise.

For those who are interested in building one for themselves, would need to get their hands on a Raspberry Pi 4B, bolts, an LCD screen, buttons, a jog wheel, protoboards for raspberry Pi, RGB LEDs, jumper cables, header pins, steel rod, and a 3D printer.

The sound quality is just amazing too, which you can hear for yourself in this video:

It is just a delight to see such an abstract concept in physical form as he picks different radio stations by going through the globe, which was what he intended in the first place.

This gadget admittedly wouldn't be a flat-Earthers favorite thing; however, it is bound to make everyone feel some sort of nostalgia.

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