This Crazy Ferrari 360 Modena Limo Is Up For Sale In Australia

This Crazy Ferrari 360 Modena Limo Is Up For Sale In Australia

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An insane Ferrari 360 Modena limousine with a neon-lit interior has been put up for sale in Australia.

Discretion is advised for any Ferrari lovers out there, as they'll have to picture this classic being cut in half and put together to make something completely different.


Making a monster

In 2012, the Italian supercar was imported to Australia from the UK where it was cut in half, CarScoops reports.

In order to be in line with the 360's all-aluminum chassis and body, the limo's chassis extensions were also made out of aluminum. In contrast, the extended roof, rear gullwing doors, and side panels were made out of fiberglass in order to make the long car as light as possible.

The car now has seating for eight people and includes two TVs, neon lights, and even a bar.

Art or abomination?

Now, some Ferrari enthusiasts would likely call this an abomination, and we wouldn't necessarily disagree. However, the stretched limo retains the 360 Modena's 400 hp, 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine. Weirdly though, it is now linked to the transmission of a Subaru Liberty GT.

As CarScoops writes, this isn't the first 360 Modena limo. Two years ago, a yellow 360 limo was put up for sale in the U.S. The car was put up for sale with a reserve price of $95,000, it failed to sell.

The 360 Modena limo that has just gone up for sale in Australia is much more expensive: the car, which has 40,389 miles (65,000 km) on the clock, has been listed on Car Sales at a staggering AU$399,999 (US$284,997).

What do you think? Do you think anyone will get anywhere near this? Would you? For more crazy limos, check out this private jet turned into a stretch limo, and this Audi A8 that met the same ignominious fate.

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