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Tesla Fandom Goes Feral Over Alleged One-Week-Old Tesla Model X Suspension Failure

Tesla Fandom Goes Feral Over Alleged One-Week-Old Tesla Model X Suspension Failure

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While Tesla has undeniably electrically charged the automotive industry and is helping to drive down carbon emissions by making EVs more accessible, fans of the company have a history of not taking criticism too well.

Case in point: one Twitter user, Beastlorion, recently posted their displeasure at having almost been killed when their Tesla Model X, purchased only a week prior, had a catastrophic suspension failure.

The resulting Twitter thread got pretty heated, to say the least.


Here is the first tweet, which shows the damage done to the car:

1 week old tesla x. Wheel just fell off. Elon Musk sir?

— Beastlorion (@Beastlyorion) July 28, 2020

Though the owner says the “wheel fell off,” it actually looks like a lower control arm snapped, and maybe a ball joint also failed. If it is true, that's a pretty terrible first week for an $80k car.

Beastlorion continued:

[email protected] [email protected] Making us pay for a 1 week old $80k car when the wheel broke off the suspension which could have killed us. There was no accident. This is ridiculous. I've never seen another car with this problem -_-

— Beastlorion (@Beastlyorion) July 29, 2020

It didn't finish there though:

They're making us pay for it! There was a small indent on the bumper and some wear on the side of the tire. Apparently that is enough to cause the whole wheel to break off of the suspension entirely. Nice $80k black hole for money that almost got us killed. Thanks a lot Elon.

— Beastlorion (@Beastlyorion) July 29, 2020

Elon's army came straight to the defense. One user, a so-called RationalWalk said: "Elon is literally saving the world and this guy dares to harass Elon a wheel falling off? Smh."

Another poster said, "Are you sure this is your car!? Your timeline doesn’t sound like it." Check out the thread if you want to see a whole barrage of similar comments — be sure to have the popcorn emoji ready.

Our favorite response of all:

Don't be so fussy, 3 wheels is all you need.

— Casino Capital (@CasinoCapital) July 29, 2020

Some posters even accused the OP of trying to short Tesla's stock — some view that Elon Musk is already perfectly accomplished at doing that himself.

So what does this all come down to? Would someone really snap a lower control arm off their Tesla and post it on Twitter just for attention, as some have suggested?

We can only imagine that Musk is carefully cultivating a cult-like status to make it easier for him to finally take over the world with the aid of Neuralink and SpaceX. All jokes aside, what do you make of it?

Is this a simple show of brand loyalty on the part of Tesla fans, or is something a little more sinister going on? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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