Action Heroes Battle It Out Using Chalk Drawn Weapons in This Epic Short Film

Action Heroes Battle It Out Using Chalk Drawn Weapons in This Epic Short Film

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John Wick? Extraction? Mission Impossible? You will find elements of all of these action classics in this beautifully shot, action-packed series. The only catch?

The weapons are made of chalk. That's right; chalk weapons are being used throughout this short film, drawn by hand and instantly accessible.


Don't worry; it does not take from the action at all. In fact, you could argue that it makes the film even more interesting. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Chalk Warfare 4.0 is an epic follow-up

For the uninitiated, Chalk Warfare is a viral Youtube series created by the talented team SoKrispyMedia. Started by Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh, the team describes themselves as highly skilled artists and storytellers creating premier visual effects content.

The team's stunning visual stories have garnered a lot of attention and critical praise, which has translated into 1.07 million Youtube subscribers and 308 million views.

The Chalk Warfare series are their crown jewels. Each video has upped the ante, demonstrating better visual effects and stronger storytelling with enough energy to rival a Marvel film. Chalk Warfare 4.0 is no exception to the rule.

Creative worlds collide

The premise of Chalk Warfare 4.0 is simple. Competing factions duke it out using chalk created weapons.

Characters in the film can draw almost any weapon that they can imagine, building an arsenal of badassery. The latest film starts off with an impressive skydiving scene that perfectly sets the entire film's pace.

Each scene seems to outdo itself, featuring various creative weapon choices throughout the firefight. We will not give away the ending, but let's just say that it is one of our favorite science fiction film endings. The film itself was shot with Blackmagic Design cameras with Blackmagic RAW and was edited using DaVinci Resolve Studio.

What did you think of SoKrispyMedia's Chalk Warfare 4.0? What do you think will happen next?

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