A Body Camera Perfect For Both Leisure and Safety

A Body Camera Perfect For Both Leisure and Safety

Body cameras can be used for everything from keeping your kids safe and sound while you are away to taking beautiful images for pleasure. And no body camera affords you more flexibility than the Protecto Body Cam Digital Video Recorder.

This body camera allows you to connect the DVR to a power bank or USB charger in order to charge it and record video at the same time, getting clear videos in HD 1080P at 30fps. The 90° rotatable clip allows you to take videos from all kinds of angles.

Worried about running out of space? Worry no more. Protecto automatically makes room for new videos so you never have to stop recording just to change the SD card.

The camera also records up to four to six hours with a single charge. Best of all, it is truly versatile. You can wear it on your person as a self-defense device or bring it to the office to record important meetings. Take it to your car or bicycle when on vacation to take images of the beautiful scenery.

There is no telling what you can do with this device. Get all these features in just one body camera now for just $44.99 — over 65off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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Watch the video: Body camera footage shows scene of Sturgis public safety chiefs suspected drunken driving crash (November 2021).