World's First Environmentally Friendly High-Rise Building Will Have a Windmill On It

World's First Environmentally Friendly High-Rise Building Will Have a Windmill On It

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Environmentally conscious tall buildings are on the rise (someone call the pun police!). Four Dutch companies; KCI The Engineers, Bosch Rexroth, HILLEBRAND, and NorthernLight joined their powers to create an attraction with passenger cabins as elevators powered by solar panels. The designers claim that it'll be the first high-rise building to be climate-neutral.

There will be a windmill atop the building and the solar panels will stick out at the base of its mast holding the passenger cabins.

The consortium combined their expertise on high-level engineering, steel construction, and electric motion tech to create this project.

The passenger cabins included in the building will be controlled by an intelligent control system that is going to reduce energy expenditure and maintenance needs. The cabins will also generate electricity from their potential energy as they descend, how cool is that!

The tower is expected to stand somewhere between 196 to 492 feet (60 to 150 meters) and hold four to sixteen cabins. The designers drew influence from the London Eye but wanted to make something more sustainable.

Each cabin will be able to haul up to 12 people. The ride should rise somewhere between 3 to 10 minutes (as the height is not determined yet). The windows of the cabin will display information about other attractions in the city by utilizing augmented reality technology. About the topic, Peter Slavenburg said "...the cabin windows offer augmented reality information about must-see city spots, historic highlights, new urban developments, and sustainable initiatives.”

The consortium is seeking a backer for their project to make it into a reality. They estimate that the attraction could bring half-a-million to three million people each year.

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