Invisible Air Shield May Be the Answer to Safe Air Travel During COVID-19

Invisible Air Shield May Be the Answer to Safe Air Travel During COVID-19

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As the world is slowly trying to function with a semblance of normalcy, one big push is to make air travel safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been a number of options put forward, like this one that offers screens in planes, or how specific airlines, like EasyJet, will tackle safety once its fleet takes to the skies once more.

Now, a leading aviation company based out of Seattle in the U.S. is saying it's all about ventilation. Teague has proposed its solution for safe air travel.


Teague's concept is called AirShield and the company believes it's the solution to get the aviation industry back up and running during and even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AirShield design is meant to keep coughs and sneezes confined to just one passenger seat: the one in which the person who coughed and sneezed is sitting. Then, the air is directly picked up and filtered in Teague's new airplane filtration system.

Trying to come up with a fast, efficient, and easy-to-install solution was paramount to the Teague team. That's why AirShield can be 3D-printed, and easily clips onto the airplane's already-existing air conditioning unit.

"As a result, when a passenger breathes, coughs, or sneezes, the water vapor droplets are contained within that passenger's space and immediately re-directed downwards and out of the cabin to the HEPA filtration units, before they have the opportunity to enter the personal space of a neighboring passenger," said Teague's proposal.

The hope is that the invisible system will work as an air shield or barrier between each passenger, providing ease of mind and safety.

As per the company "By utilizing the airflow from the existing overhead air-gaspers, AirShield transforms freshly purified air into engineered 'air-blades' capable of controlling the spread of droplets much more effectively – offering passengers and crew improved protection and peace of mind."

So it looks like physical distancing may not be the only method for safer air travel, and will hopefully be accepted in order to help the struggling aviation industry get back up on its feet.

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