17 Ingeniously Repurposed Contraptions Show Nothing Needs to Go to Waste

17 Ingeniously Repurposed Contraptions Show Nothing Needs to Go to Waste

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In the last few years, trends such as upcycling have seen many people repurpose old objects for renewed use. Recent events have made engineers have to think outside the box to repurpose several objects, including a snorkel mask, into ventilators.

While none of the repurposed machines or objects in the list below can be said to serve such a lofty purpose, some will make you laugh, some might make you marvel at their ingenuity, and some will likely fall somewhere in between.

Be sure to let us know which ones you think are amazing and which are just pure abominations.


1. A casserole-making car

Lada good for make goulash. from r/Shitty_Car_Mods

There are bad car mods, and then there are bad car mods. It might be useful though at a pinch if your car breaks down in a desert or desolate tundra — that's in the very unlikely event that you could get it anywhere in the first place.

2. The world's most epic BBQ grill

How would you like your beef? Jet engine seared, please. If there was an award for the most epically barbecued hot dogs and burgers, it would go to the ones made on this grill, which was made out of a jet engine.

A team from Delta Airlines TechOps team in Atlanta, Georgia, developed this impressive creation out of scrap parts from a Pratt & Whitney PW2000 jet engine from a Boeing 757.

3. The converted 'Truckla'

If you thought the Cybertruck was the weirdest-shaped Tesla, well... you're right. But this converted Model 3 pickup truck might just come as a close second. The modification was made by a YouTuber whose video predictably went viral.

4. Mini greenhouses made from unused light bulbs

These lights weren’t bright enough so I cut holes in them and added different soils and types of plant. Minimal blood loss = win from r/upcycling

One very crafty person decided to put unused light bulbs to good use by turning them into miniature greenhouses. Anyone can do the same thing by carefully cutting small holes into the glass and filling them with soil and small plants or seedlings.

5. A tank modified to drive over slag

Modified tank used to disturb slag layer in a steel mill from r/MachinePorn

Molten slag is an incredibly difficult material to deal with, due in no small part to its great resemblance to lava. A group of clever engineers at a steel mill came up with this solution — all you need is a handy tank lying around.

6. This coffee machine made from a PC

As per the BBC, 50 million tonnes of e-waste generated every year will more than double to 110 million tonnes by 2050. A few people have clever solutions to this problem.

Take, for example, this PC tower, which was cleverly converted into a retro-looking coffee machine. It might not be as high-tech as the espresso machine on the ISS, but if it can brew compressed coffee ground as well as it used to compress files, we're sure it'll do a good job.

7. A bed and breakfast made out of old beer barrels

Located at Potts Naturpark Brauerei in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, this bed and breakfast allows guests to sleep inside huge old beer barrels.

8. DIY sunglasses made from old skateboards

One object you probably wouldn't think of when asked what you think sunglasses have been made from is a skateboard. And yet, a crafty creator over at Made Man made a set of cool specs out of an old skateboard as part of a series called "One Man's Trash".

9. Missing a taillight? Hope the police are squinting just enough to believe this marvelous creation

Basketball taillight from r/Shitty_Car_Mods

Another car mod that is so incredibly terrible that it might also be considered a genius creation — we'll let you decide. Aptly posted on subreddit Shitty Car Mods, this basketball taillight most likely won't be fooling anyone.

10. Glamping taken to new heights with a helicopter mini-hotel

Looking for an unconventional holiday? We might have just what you're looking for.

An innovative group got together and repurposed a decommissioned helicopter into a luxury mini-hotel.

11. Glass jar Bluetooth speaker amplifier

Trash Amps use soda cans and glass jars as amplifiers for their DIY-style Bluetooth speakers — another great method for repurposing objects that would otherwise go to waste.

12. A bicycle wheel reading lamp

Not mine but dam I love this from r/upcycling

This repurposed bike wheel reading lamp would make a great gift for any cycling enthusiasts in your life — maybe buy it for them alongside a book about the Tour de France or, better yet, one of these engineering reads.

13. A bitcoin mining rig made from old Samsung Galaxy S5s

A resourceful team of engineers at Samsung put some old Galaxy S5 models to good use by using them to build a bitcoin mining rig that they say is "environmentally responsible."

14. Impress all your friends by making a working Tesla Cybertruck replica

Somewhere in Russia from r/ANormalDayInRussia

This replica Tesla Cybertruck was filmed in Russia only a short while after the real thing was unveiled. As one online commenter put it, "wasted no time making that, huh."

Someone else replied, "not like there’s intricate shapes to replicate." Quite.

15. This marvelous rotary dial cellphone

Tired of texting? Space engineer Justine Haupt was. That's why she found an old rotary dial and repurposed it into a working modern-day cellphone — while leaving out all the smart time-wastey pieces they add in these days.

16. An electric guitar made out of old iPhones

The body of a guitar is typically made from a finely crafted piece of wood that is chosen for the qualities it gives the instrument's sound. A maple wood guitar neck, for example, gives a brighter sound, while rosewood gives a warmer, mellower tone.

This all begs the question, what sound does an iPhone-made guitar body emit?

17. An electric motorbike made with an old VW Beetle fender

These amazing vintage-style 'Volkspod' scooters were created by custom build specialist, Brent Walter.

Walker used an original Volkswagen Beetle Type 1s or the 'Bug,' and the fenders from each corner of the car to build the scooters. Using old parts of a car and turning them into mini scooters isn't a type of vehicle mod we see very often — we take our hats off.

So what do you think? Are the creations worth the time spent on them? Could you see yourself using any of them, or would the materials have been better off sent to a scrap pile?

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