This Training Is a Must for Every Project Manager

This Training Is a Must for Every Project Manager

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Being a project manager is an exciting and rewarding career. It is also, however, one where you have to constantly update your credentials.

Indeed, the learning and training never stops when you are a project manager, and The Ultimate Lean Certification Prep Bundle is here to help you master Six Sigma White and Yellow Belts, Lean Certification, and 25 Lean Tools.

This bundle is a 4-course package that provides 66 hours of expert training. With these courses, you'll be able to kickstart your Lean Six Sigma learning track and pave the way to delighted customers, building high-performing teams, minimizing costs, and maximizing profits.

The first course is Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training and provides an introduction to Lean Six Sigma, roles, wastes, and DMAIC. The second course is Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course and covers everything in White Belt plus DMAIC phases.

The third course is Lean Training & Certification and gives an introduction to Lean as well as establishing a current state, developing a future state, and building a Lean culture. Finally, the last course is Lean Tools and allows you to quickly learn the basics of a single Lean Six Sigma concept or tool.

The bundle can be accessed for a year through web and mobile streaming and provides a certification of completion. Don't wait any longer. Get the tools and training you need to boost your career in project management with The Ultimate Lean Certification Prep Bundle for just $69.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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