Hyundai Unveils Joystick Controlled Sensuous Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Unveils Joystick Controlled Sensuous Electric Vehicle

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Hyundaihas unveiled a new concept electric vehicle controlled by a joystick instead of a steering wheel. The car is called Prophecy and is inspired by the company’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design philosophy.

Optimistic Futurism

"It embodies ‘Optimistic Futurism’, which focuses on the emotional link between humans and automobiles by balancing nature and technology, emotion and practicality," said Hyundai's press release.

The electric car features an ultra-aerodynamic profile and "perfect proportions." Its wheels are set far in the corners to give more space to the interior.

The interior features a pillar to pillar display, a joystick instead of a steering wheel and plenty of buttons for a variety of features. The car is also made of eco-friendly materials.

"'Prophecy' does not follow trends. It accentuates timeless beauty that will stand the test of time. Its iconic design stands to expand Hyundai’s design spectrum toward even broader horizons," said in a statement SangYup Lee, Head of Hyundai Global Design Center.

However, since the inside of the car is not yet presented, we are guessing that Hyundai is relying on the attractiveness of its exterior. And attractive it is!

"Prophecy’s exterior features a clean and simple uninterrupted streamline extends from front to rear. In addition, the pixelated progressive lighting technology is integrated into the headlamp, tail lamp, and spoiler, reflecting design elements presented with the Hyundai 45 concept," said Hyundai's statement.

Hyundai revealed that the car also features a new architecture, one that is clearly showcased in its pictures. This architecture is defined "by pristine surfaces, pure volume, and harmony of aesthetics and functionality."

The car was supposed to be unveiled at the now-canceled Geneva International Motor Show and it is a pity we won't be getting to see it up close because it seems like the kind of vehicle that is even more impressive in person.

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