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Leaked Images from U.S. Army Show "Super" Cannon That Can Fire at 1,000 Miles Away

Leaked Images from U.S. Army Show

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The U.S. Army has been working hard to build its Strategic Long Range Cannon that could attack from a distance as far as 1,609 km (1,000 miles) away. It's still in its early concept stages, however, newly leaked images of the cannon are making their way out into the world.

Posted via LinkedIn by the U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory, the images depict a six-wheeled massive cannon with a huge range.


The Strategic Long Range Cannon

Revealed during the U.S.-U.K. Modernization Demonstration Event on February 20th in Maryland, the U.S. Army seems to have inadvertently shared images of its newest cannon, the Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC).

U.S. Army's Strategic Long-Range Cannon (SLRC) can shoot out to 1,000 miles or more @[email protected]

— 笑脸男人 (@lfx160219) February 21, 2020

Concepts, images, and posters of the cannon were posted online and are now going around the Internet. And it's an impressive piece of artillery.

Each cannon would require eight men to handle it, a battery would number four guns, and the cannons would be able to be transported by air and sea. There are seemingly six wheels required per cannon, and a heavy eight-wheeled truck is depicted as moving it forward.

It's larger in scale than any existing artillery piece.

Wanting to keep pace with China, North Korea, and Russia's range and power of artillery, the U.S.' SLRC should do the trick once it's up and running.

The plan is for the U.S. Army to share its official prototype by 2023 when it will also decide whether or not to begin the process of using the gun in its troops.

— 笑脸男人 (@lfx160219) February 23, 2020
— 笑脸男人 (@lfx160219) February 22, 2020

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