Toronto-bound Air Canada Flight Requests Emergency Landing in Madrid

Toronto-bound Air Canada Flight Requests Emergency Landing in Madrid

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On Monday, a Boeing 767 aircraft flown by Air Canada going to Toronto airport had to stop for an emergency landing. The plane reported a "technical issue", Spanish airport operator AENA said.

UPDATE: The aircraft made a safe — but jarring — landing, just after 1:00 PM ET.


— Aaron C. (@thelastfedor) February 3, 2020

LIVE Air Canada #AC837 to Toronto is burning fuel before before returning to Madrid due to a technical issue

— AIRLIVE (@airlivenet) February 3, 2020

The airliner advised air traffic control of their circumstances 30 minutes after takeoff and demanded a slot for an emergency landing, an AENA spokeswoman told Reuters. More details were not provided.

Yahoo Canada received a statement by Air Canada that the plane did indeed experience “engine issue” shortly after takeoff.

LIVE: Now more than three hours after take-off, Air Canada #AC837 Madrid to Toronto (Boeing 767-300ER C-GHOZ) continues to burn fuel after a tyre exploded on departure and was ingested into (or hit) one of the engines.

— Airport Webcams (@AirportWebcams) February 3, 2020

“A tire also reportedly ruptured on take-off, one of 10 on this model of aircraft. The aircraft opted to return to Madrid and is currently circling to use up fuel and lighten the aircraft for landing,” the statement, provided around 11:40 a.m. ET, reads.

“The aircraft, a Boeing 767-300, is designed to operate on one engine and our pilots are fully trained for this eventuality. Nonetheless, an emergency was declared in order to obtain landing priority. There are 128 passengers on board. We have no further details on the cause at present.”

With everyone on the ground, it seems crisis is (thankfully) averted.

Watch the video: LIVE: Air Canada flight expected to make emergency landing at Madrid Airport (January 2023).