These 10 Abandoned Structures Are a Window into a Forgotten Past

These 10 Abandoned Structures Are a Window into a Forgotten Past

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Do you believe in ghosts? If you do, you probably don't want to go exploring these abandoned locations.

Thankfully some brave souls have explored them and taken pictures of old creaking buildings, structures, and objects that are falling into disrepair. All of them have a story to tell and give us a snapshot of the past.


1. Abandoned space shuttle

The Buran ("blizzard" in Russian) was the Soviet's response to NASA's space shuttle, as CNN explains. After only one flight, however, it was discontinued. What remains is a treasure trove for explorers of abandoned ruins.

[OC] Me standing on the abandoned Buran(space shuttle) in Baikonur [2000x1333] from r/AbandonedPorn

Two shuttles and a rocket remain in a disused hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Today, the place is still used as a spaceport to send astronauts to and from the ISS.

Two years ago I sneaked into an active Russian base to see two abandoned Buran shuttles [OC][2000x1333] from r/AbandonedPorn

The disused hangar, however, remains as a remnant to a different time in Russia's history as a space exploring nation.

2. Retro gaming taken to the extreme

Today, we're on the verge of videogame streaming on any device at any time with the likes of Google Stadia and Project xCloud. There was a time, however, when even the concept of gaming at home on a console was a novel idea and the easiest way to play a videogame was to go to the local arcade.

I found an abandoned warehouse filled with arcade machines [1024x1280][OC] from r/AbandonedPorn

Of course, arcades aren't quite what they used to be, as can be seen in Bunzek's post above, which shows slot machines and arcade machines abandoned in an old warehouse.

3. Abandoned president busts

There are about 40 crumbling stone president's heads lying in private farmland somewhere in rural Virginia.

As explains, they were originally commissioned as part of the centerpiece for Presidents Park, an open-air museum commemorating U.S. presidents. The museum opened in 2004 but closed only 6 years later due to lack of attendance.

Abandoned presidents heads in a rural Virginia field [5184x3456] [OC] from r/AbandonedPorn

There's a metaphor somewhere in there about the current state of politics in the United States.

4. A huge old digger

As Reddit user Bunzek points out in his blog post, "until the summer of 2003, [this] 3,500-ton monster was digging up earth in four different mining areas across Germany."

Abandoned Bucket Wheel Excavator [1024x1280][OC] from r/AbandonedPorn

The bucket wheel excavator was discontinued due to technological progress. More efficient diggers were created, meaning this one was left to decay in a field.

5. A bedroom can also be a time machine

This teenage girl's bedroom has been left untouched since the 80s. Eerily, nothing is known of the home's inhabitants and why they left their home practically untouched.

A Teenage girls bedroom in an abandoned house has been stuck in time since the mid 80's. (OC) 1136 × 696 from r/AbandonedPorn

All of the decoration on the walls suggests the family had to suddenly up and leave. One thing's for sure, teenagers back then weren't so different to how they are now.

6. A haunted abandoned hotel

Interestingly, this abandoned location, The Baker Hotel, is actually getting a modern makeover, as Texas Monthly reports.

Even more interesting is the hotel's history. The huge building, which towers over a town of only 15,000 residents, was originally erected as a place for visitors who came to try the town's mineral water.

The was believed to possess healing properties. Once people's superstition wore out, the hotel gradually went into disuse.

The Baker Hotel in Texas, with a history of murder, suicide and infidelity - its claimed to be haunted. Definitely worth checking out if you're in Texas! [4000×6000][oc] from r/AbandonedPorn

In the time before it was completely abandoned, the hotel is believed to have been the location of various suicides and ghostly sightings.

7. A recently abandoned synangogue

As Reddit user ObsidianUrbex explains, "this synagogue was built in the 1920s but was abandoned around 2010 due to mounting repair and utility bill costs. This once-grand building still has a guardian, who kindly let us inside."

Abandoned synagogue in USA [OC] from r/AbandonedPorn

It's nice to know that someone is looking after that incredible stained glass sky window and making sure it doesn't fall into complete disrepair.

8. A reminder of trying times

Donner Pass is famously named after a group of California-bound settlers who were forced to settle on the east side of the local mountains in 1846 when they found their route blocked by snow in the winter.

Donner Pass, California train tunnel [OC] [3036x4048] from r/AbandonedPorn

So difficult were their conditions, that some of the settlers had to resort to cannibalism to survive. Now Donner Pass stands as a stark reminder of more difficult times.

9. An old power plant

Sometimes abandoned buildings look like art. This abandoned power station in Philadelphia looks like it could be the inspiration for a cyberpunk film.

Abandoned power station that I’m sure most of you have seen before, but damn this place was sick from r/urbanexploration

Of course, many of these places aren't open to the public, and they can be dangerous to explore.

10. An abandoned reactor in an abandoned city

No list of abandoned structures would be complete without an image of Chernobyl. The power station is located in the city of Pripyat, which has been abandoned since 1986 due to the nuclear fallout from an exploding reactor.

[OC] Chernobyl Reactor No. 4 Control Room (album in comments) from r/AbandonedPorn

The mystery of abandoned locations is unmistakably alluring. It's something about the stories that are hidden just under the surface waiting to be uncovered. Want to know more about abandoned places and their stories? Take a look at this.

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