8 Anti-Theft Devices to Keep Your Car Safe

8 Anti-Theft Devices to Keep Your Car Safe

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You already parked your car to the right place, you're sure you locked the windows and doors but is it really enough to keep your car safe?

Car theft has become the most common crime in recent years, and maybe the next car will be yours. When the parts of your car are sold separately, it's impossible to find them again, so you make sure that your car is completely safe. If you had to hide your car against thieves before, there's no need for it anymore. You just need high-quality gadgets to protect your car from thefts.

From alarm systems to wheel locks, you can find all must-have anti-theft devices in this list.

1. Dash Cam

If we try to keep our house safe with cameras, why don't we shouldn't we keep our car as well? This dashcam records 1080p videos, and it provides clear and crisp footage even in dark night conditions.

It's not just a camera, but also a crime detector with its G-sensors. It records all sudden events such as theft, broken windows, etc. The front cam can be swiveled 360° to see all over the car.

2. Steering Wheel Lock

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Thousands of vehicles are reported stolen each day in the USA, so you need a high-quality product to keep your car safe. Thieves don't act slowly, so this wheel lock will bring them into a situation that they can't deal with. It attaches to the steering wheel itself, and it protects your steering wheel from any harm.

3. CarLock Alert System

Now you can sleep without worry, CarLock will protect your car during the night. Almost everyone has an alarm on their car, but CarLock is not just an alarm system. It monitors your car and sends you a notification when a suspicious event occurs.

It gives the driver's monthly score, so it knows the trusted driver of the car. Then, if another person tries to drive the car, it detects and alerts you.

4. Car Key Protector

Thieves have become very talented in recent years, and you need stronger protectors for your car. They can copy and boost your wireless fob from the key and enter the car. Either way, this faraday bag provides a signal blocker for your car key, so thieves can't pick up the signals from it. Also, it's very easy to carry and features extra storage for your items such as credit cards and ID.

5. Mini GPS Tracker

When your car is stolen, the hardest thing is to get your car back and to try dealing with the insurance agencies. What about keeping your car safe without too much effort and money?

This GPS tracker will save your life with its small and fit design. It gives you the exact location even in another country.

6. Security Tire Clamp

This tire clamp strongly wraps around your wheel, so you can prevent any burglary with it. It's adjustable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and scooters. No installation required. Also, it comes with 2 keys, so if you lose or break one, you have the other key. It's very visible with its red and yellow colors.

7. Car Alarm Security

If somebody's meddling with your car, and you're away from home, then you need a detector. This keyless car alarm system provides you with the ability to lock and unlock your car, and secure your vehicle. The system includes two 4-button remotes, a control module, wiring harness, siren, and LED indicator light.

8. Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm

Which thief would want to bring attention to them if there's a super-loud alarm system? No thief can dare to steal your vehicle anymore. It'll be triggered and ring when any vibration or shaking is detected. The alarm sound won't stop until you press the key. It's widely used on bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and scooters.

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