9 Laptop Gadgets to Make Your Time with Laptop Much Easier

9 Laptop Gadgets to Make Your Time with Laptop Much Easier

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Laptops are our best friends now as we carry them everywhere with us and we do all our business by using them. Are you bored? Watch something on Netflix. Do you have to pay your bills? Okay, done! Do you want to play some online games? Go ahead, buddy. Do you need to do a slideshow for your presentation tomorrow? No problem, easy peasy.


But also, our mighty laptops may need some assistance to increase their performance. As time went by, many solutions have been found for our problems with laptops. Hard disk to increase storage, laptop cooling pad to cool down your laptop when it overheats, and a laptop desk to put your laptop on when it's too difficult to carry it on your lap anymore.

Here are 9 best and most useful gadgets for your laptop.

1. Laptop Desk

It can be uncomfortable to carry your laptop on your lap when you don't have anywhere else to put it on outside or when you're in bed. But you don't have to worry about it anymore, because this laptop desk will make everything easier and it'll enhance your work efficiency.

Thanks to its holder and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere you want. It has a tablet holder, pen holder, and phone holder, so it helps you to save space wherever you use it; while laying on your bed, sofa, or while traveling.

2. Encrypted Flash Drive

You can store whatever you want in your flash drive, it's okay. There are things we all are ashamed of; maybe for you, it's your photos from 10 years ago, movies that you say you hate when you're around your cool friends but you secretly love, or some explicit movies, you know... It doesn't have to be a thing you're ashamed of though, maybe you store your company's important and confidential files.

Then you need a flash drive which won't throw you under the bus when it's lost or when someone else gets it; because this flash drive is encrypted, and if the person who gets your flash drive isn't a psychic, then s/he's not really likely to see the things the drive stores. So calm down, and feel free and happy about your guilty pleasures.

3. Laptop Cooling Pad

When you use your laptop for long hours, it gets hotter and hotter inevitably. And if it's summer, the feeling is even worse. It feels like you're holding a fireball on your lap. But it doesn't mean that you don't have anything to cope with this unpleasant situation.

All you need is a cooling pad, which will make your hot laptop less hot, but much cooler. It has 6 different adjustable stands, so you can use it any angle you want. No more fried legs folks!

4. Portable Charger

You don't always use your laptop at your comfortable house with loads of sockets. Sometimes you need to use it immediately outside. But what if you need to work on your computer for hours, but its battery is about to die, and there's no coffee shop to use a socket in it. This is a disaster! Don't worry though, because here's a solution.

You can bring this portable charger wherever you want to charge your laptop. It's also a docking station with which you can create a powerful workstation. And it's not over yet! It has 3 USB ports. How can something be this functional? Just wow!

5. Wireless Portable Mouse

The touchpad isn't something that everyone can use, or everyone can get used to. If you've always used a mouse, using a touchpad may not be as comfortable and easy as a mouse for you. So here's a great wireless mouse suggestion for you. It has different colors, so you can choose your favorite one, and then you'll be ready to go.

6. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Music is one of the most pleasing and delighting things in our lives and the world without music would probably just... well, it'd suck. And when you want to listen to music on your computer now, you don't have to wear headphones. I hope you weren't even thinking of listening to music with the low volume of your laptop!

This Bluetooth Speaker is something that will make you feel like you're listening to music for the first time in your life. You can use it everywhere, on the beach, at work, party, or in your living room. Let the music go on and on and on until the morning!

7. Memory Card Reader

This card reader allows access to the data on memory cards such as SD or MMC. Also, this card reader is compatible with Type A, Type B, and Type C plugs. So only with an SD card and this card reader, you'll be able to manage all your data from, to, on devices.

Take the best photos with your professional camera and with this card reader, transfer the photos to your device, and share it with everyone you love! With this card reader, you'll be able to transfer data between devices within seconds.

8. Laptop Table Stand

This adjustable and lightweight laptop stand will make everywhere your office, video game room, or whatever else you do with your laptop. You can adjust in various angles. Also, you don't have to use it only for your laptop! It can be used as a breakfast tray, writing desk, or a tablet holder. It also has a huge mouse holder, on which you can also put your coffee.

9. Laptop Bag

The last but not the least, simple but not unimportant; please welcome the laptop bag. It's the most important gadget for your laptop since you wouldn't want to carry your laptop on your arms like your 2-year-old baby. Go get this comfortable laptop bag that won't break your shoulder into pieces.

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