Watch: Shotgun Cutaway shows inner Workings Perfectly

Watch: Shotgun Cutaway shows inner Workings Perfectly

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Have you ever wondered what the inside of a shotgun looks like? Not many of us have one lying around to take apart and have a proper look but Larry Potterfield, the CEO of Midway USA, has made a video using a shotgun cutaway that demonstrates the inner workings perfectly.

For the video, Potterfield uses a Winchester Model 12 and with over 2 million models produced before its end of production in 1980, it's one of the most popular pump-action shotguns. It's the first production started all the way back in 1912.

The 12-gauge pump action rifle saw use both in the military and in movies such as Dirty Harry and The Godfather.

Potterfield disassembles the gun before beginning work on cutting away the receiver so that we can see inside. Check it out below:

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