Foot Powered Washing Machine Could Change the World at Just $40

Foot Powered Washing Machine Could Change the World at Just $40

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There are hundreds of millions of people who don't have the convenience of just tossing their dirty clothes into a washer and dryer when they get dirty. These people still wash by hand using a bucket, or in some cases a local stream. Washing clothes can take many hours this way, but this could all be about to change as Ji A You and Alex Cabunoc have created the GiraDora- a foot-powered washing machine and dryer, with a price tag of just $40.

When you look at the design of the GiraDora, it looks like a tall cooler for holding beverages. However, on the interior, there is a smaller bucket along with an agitator. All you have to do is simply put the laundry, water, and soap into the tub and then while sitting on the lid, power the machine with the foot pedal which churns the agitator around.

Not only will there be no electricity bill, but you can expect a good leg exercise at the same time. When the washing is completed, the GiraDora can be turned into a spin dryer to help dry the clothes.

The GiraDora system cuts down the amount of time it takes to wash by hand and at the same time, it does away with health issues that relate to spending many hours each week on hand washing clothing. Less drying time also cuts down on mold growth, which can also lead to health problems. The GiraDora was one of the entries in the Dell Social Innovation Challenge.

The GiraDora washer and dryer costs $40 and while this may sound cheap, it still may not be cheap enough to those less fortunate. As a solution for those without the budget, the designers behind it suggest that the capital could be recouped by people taking on the washing of neighbors, friends, and family.

Now the team behind the design are going to test out the GiraDora in many disadvantaged countries in South America. They will then continue testing out the machine in India. The team has set a goal of getting the GiraDora into the homes of one million people.

The designers have visited Cerra Verde; this was part of the Safe Agua Peru program. The whole purpose of the visit was to help the local people deal with problems that were water related. Women in this part of the world often have to travel for miles to get water and then take it by the bucket load back home.

In total washing can take up to six hours and some do this about five times a week. In some cases, clothing can take up to three weeks to dry during the winter, which leads to mildew and rotting. The GiraDora could turn what is often a ghastly chore into a simple one.

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