Tower of Wind Emerges Out of Tokyo Bay

Tower of Wind Emerges Out of Tokyo Bay

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Is it a sailboat? It certainly looks like one, though in actuality it's a simple ventilation shaft known as the Tower of Wind. Maybe simple isn't quite right, a more accurate description would be, stunning innovative design from famed and accomplished architect Toyo Ito. The Tower of Wind was designed for the Aqua Line that runs under the Tokyo Bay.

Architect Toyo Ito has over 4decades of experience and ingenuity. He is known for unique designs and elaborate towers. The Tower of Wind is simplistic in comparison to many his other masterpieces. Ito is currently 71 years of age, yet still approaches the drawing board with the same passion and dedication that he had as a young man just starting out.

[Image Source: Brabbu]

With a wealth of architect design under his belt, it comes as no surprise that Toyo Ito was the esteemed winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2013. His Career in architect design has given Ito several inspiring buildings and towers. He is famed for the Diechman Library, Tower of Wind along with several museums, hotels and complexes.

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