Convertible Futon Bunk Bed

Convertible Futon Bunk Bed

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This is very practical sofa-to-bed furniture transformer which allows you to turn your living room into sleeping room with at least two places for sleeping. With just a few quick adjustments, the futon easily transforms into a fully functional bunk bed which will save you lots of space in any room of the house. It is highly appreciated in narrow homes such as student flats, small digs and rooms.

The futon bunk bed is very much like the transformer of the furniture world. On the exterior, it appears like an ordinary futon, capable of providing sleeping accommodations to one person at best. But you will be very surprised when you see its full functionality – it is actually a bunk bed capable of accommodating two guests (or more, depending on your creativity). Transforming the convertible futon into two-level bed is remarkably simple and takes just a few minutes to turn your living room into place to sleep.

Since this multi-use futon is likely to see a lot of action from all the sitting and people sleeping over, all covers are completely removable for easy washing and maintaining that fresh smell so your friends aren’t grossed out next time they stay over.

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