Wacky Inventor Creates Twitter-Controlled Anal Vibrator

Wacky Inventor Creates Twitter-Controlled Anal Vibrator

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Over the years at Interesting Engineering, we have seen all kinds of neat, wacky, and/or weird inventions, so it's pretty tough to shock us. We must admit though that this invention took us by surprise.

A crazy inventor who goes by the Twitter name Space Buck created an anal vibrator that is controlled by Twitter votes.


"Here we go: my open-source Wi-Fi vibrator is in my butt again," he tweeted. "Vibration intensity is controlled by the poll. Liking the tweet means 10 more seconds of vibration. Retweeting means 30 more seconds of vibration."

For those of you who are new here, the open-source wifi vibrator is actually a $1 vibrator from Wish, and an open-source wifi battery that I made!

— Space Buck (@heyspacebuck) September 11, 2020

So far, the post has 96 retweets and 280 likes. Well, you might be rightfully asking what this new device is and how it works.

The Double-Oh

The device is called the Double-Oh and it allows for wireless control of any device that uses AA batteries.

"This is the spiritual successor to the SMOL (link slightly NSFW), a tiny PCB that interrupts battery output to make fun patterns. By designing around a 10mm-by-44mm LiPo cell, I've been able to add Wi-Fi connectivity, a USB connection for charging and programming, and a dangerous (but intriguing!) overvoltage mode," writes Space Buck in his Hackaday product description.

In a February presentation, Space Buck explained his novel invention. He described how Double-Oh is the battery itself and that's how it can be controlled over the internet.

Technically, it can be used anywhere an AA battery is compatible. However, Space Buck chose to use it in a sex toy to cause a stir online and draw more attention to his project. Well, it definitely worked.

What do you think of Space Buck's invention? Is it a cool way to showcase his Double-Oh or has it gone too far?

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