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General Electric Workers Protest Because They Want to Make Ventilators

Instead of making jet engines, GE workers want to start making ventilators amid the coronavirus outbreak.April 01, 2020As the world& 39;s hospitals are in dire need of ventilators amid the coronavirus outbreak a number of companies are turning their factories into ventilator-making plants.One such company that& 39;s still lagging behind in shifting its factories in such a way is General Electric (GE).
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Lotus Belle tents offer a luxury camping option

June 05, 2014When you talk about going camping you typically think of a small two man tent with groundsheet and sleeping bags, right? You know the type of tent that you have to crawl into and which is very tightly spaced and cramped. Well this is generally the equipment that is associated with camping; however there is now a luxury camping option from Lotus Belle tents in the UK.
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Minimum Number of Settlers Needed for Life on Mars Is Surprisingly Low

Coincidentally, the calculations correlate with SpaceX& 39;s Starship plans.July 01, 2020If you have your eyes set on colonizing Mars, you first have to get humans up there. But just how many was a question that was waiting to be answered.A computer scientist has developed a series of equations to answer that question, predicting the bare minimum of settlers needed to establish a self-sustainable community on Mars.
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Railgun Tested by the US Navy

December 18, 2013Unlike the ordinary cannons which use explosive power, the railgun relies on massive amount of electric power to launch a projectile with speed of nearly 8 times faster than sound. Tests in 2010 proved that this is the most powerful weapon in the world. Its effective range is approximately 100 miles, thus making it the gun with widest range.
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Ex-Google Employee's Startup Unveils Simple but Clever Domestic Robot

With the fraction of the weight and cost of its counterparts, this robot might just find real-world use.July 14, 2020Well, both Aaron Edsinger and Charlie Kemp were once pupils of Rodney Brooks at MIT, so it is not a big surprise that they share some common beliefs about what robots should be and what robots should bring to people& 39;s lives.
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How Close We Are to Fully Self-Sufficient Artificial Intelligence

If you followed the world of pop-culture or tech for some time now, then you know that advances in artificial intelligence are heating up. In reality, AI has been the talk of mainstream pop-culture and sci-fi since the first Terminator movie came out in 1984. These movies present an example of something called & 34;Artificial General Intelligence.
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